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How To Unblock An Impacted Bowel


source: from the book: The Modern Witch's spells - of Osuna Mots

Every self-respecting witch has its charms and spells personal, creating, adapting some taken from the immense treasure of ancestral and modern magic, or creating new ones, through their own experiences, these are the words key to take the path of witchcraft staff

knowledge based on the study of astral powers of the elements and natural

experience you need to get yourself, trying to spell basic variants of the books ,
and combinations of rituals and talismans

Having these tools is important, but not enough, necesatio is also a positive attitude, which allows us to open our mind and imagination to exercise conscious in the creation of our incantations.

I say "conscious imagination," because it is not suddenly come up with any one thing, but to exercise our creativity a step at a time, keeping in mind the teachings of witchcraft and conditions of the moment.

As in all things, even in witchcraft should start from the most simple and safe, for example, performing a ritual or a spell in this book, add a candle in your favorite color, or according to what necesito you, or, instead of the candle, you can add an object that you consider very personal, and coffee or tea, then drink infused by divine or not.

To initiate you to your spells, I recommend starting with the rites of
body-mind, using the concentration, deep breathing, visualization, body posture, and gestures that seem most appropriate. You can turn each time, a white candle, which is always a big help. When you seem to have achieved good results, and to have developed a little creative magic, you can add and combine with each other, other, more complicated steps, incantations written or oral, drawings of esoteric symbols like circle, triangle, the Star of David, or the 5-pointed star. Even the cosmic energies have their own laws, magical elements and their specific properties, power and the effect of vibration, change coming into contact with the personal aura of each of us.

So it may happen that a spell made with red candles, which gives me excellent results for you is not as effective and / or satisfactory! Maybe you should change the color of the candles with one that is closest to your person, or the introduction of hand gestures, which help to better channel the energy and vibrations. Gradually, you'll find and check your special powers, and you'll see that they relate to the elemnti of modern magic, such as candles, colors, herbs, flowers, metals, incense, and so on.

Every witch develops a personal touch, a personal style that characterizes his spells, sometimes it is very simple actions, like passing a ring AUAN hand to hand before doing a spell, or to always include a few leaves of mint ..
As mentioned above, depends on the knowledge and experiences that will develop gradually, as regards the powers, and vibration of witchcraft, how about yourself or as a performer / sector of your spells! Things are esenziali:




confidence in yourself,

faith in the power energy of the universe ..

the essential materials of modern witch ...

buy them in a good waxworks, the most common measure is a foot tall and a couple of inches thick, made of wax candles in a glass jar or container with terracotta, are not recommended for spells where the color of the candles has a pivotal role! The white candles, we use a lot spells, so coem the red, yellow, orange, green and blue. Certain rites and spells moon
require silver candles, make sure to always have a wild good supply of candles in these colors, it is best every time, use new spark plugs.

stones and metals
get a series of stones most frequently used, such as quartz, the amtista, jade, stone simple, and so on .. Rguardo metals, you can make a supply of small pieces of each, or you can use everyday objects such as jewelry odd, broken, spoons, screws, wire, (for copper): The most commonly used metals are gold, the 'Silver the feror and copper, salt, is among the minerals used pù freuente!

( angy note: the broken jewelry or odd, do not go well either according to feng shui, because
attract discord and broken in the relationship!)

dried herbs
please to a number of dried herbs, use Nelg spells that do not require fresh herbs, and also to make teas or herbal teas. Laurel, olive, thyme, marjoram, eucalyptus, rosemary, and so on.

bastoncinim may be in powder or pieces, in addition to incense and true own, using very sandalwood, myrrh, to lavender, and other natural flavors!


- censer
a bowl or a small brazier in which incense burning, and anything that burns spells .. Some witches also have the censers, which are those incense burners from the church, with holes, spreading the smell better ...

- scissors and boxcutter
for spells where sid must cut lines, cut sheets of paper, and other manual operations of this kind (even if you want Bos play, and other creations esmepio!
(note angy.))

- matches or a lighter note
angy: is usually preferred as well, but since they contain sulfur, and thus for energy, or possibly, not to call .. SCOPE .. negative, and others disagree, take advantage of what you want ..!
I personally prefer the lighter! even if the matches are more .. "Witch once"

- colored card
also recycled paper!
symbols appropriate to draw the spell

markers and / or crayons to draw your symbols ..

- cloth bag and / or to preserve pellle
amulets and talismans, the best things you build,
but you can buy them already made .. (Note angy: I think it relates more to the bags, but also to the talismans sec me!)

needle and thread to construct the bags, before or during spells,
for other uses, you come to mind after ..

- cords and strands of wool
of various types, to track symbols, tie amulets, make wreaths, and so on,
also include a bit of wire, which peeled to obtain the copper wire inside!

glue to make amulets, or paste between them, the ritual materials


Each spell or spell, must have a temperature of dominant, or hot or cold! No more than 2 or 3 colors! The temperature of the dominant, must always be balanced CONUN touch of the opposite, or with a particular white. color combinations are used to enhance vibration related, or otherwise, to compensate for the force, in order to channel it better. For example: yellow and orange, you can reinforce with a touch of red, or you can balance with a wild white candle, or a purple color. Do not forget that green is the universal balance the color temperature of a spell. Keeping in mind these general rules, experience it yourself or what colors and combinations that sing more with your aura and the tone of your vibration.


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